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Real Time Audio Spectrum Analyzer

Turn your computer into a robust audio spectrum analyzer!

EasyRTA is a powerful, yet light-weight audio spectrum analyzer software with a number of features, including:


You can choose any input device for recording and select which channel you want (left, right or both). Microphone calibration is also supported for even more precision in measurements.


EasyRTA has an automated calibration procedure which allows you to make very precise measurements on any device on line input or line output. Audio measurements can also be performed with an external microphone.

Spectrum analyzer

Besides being a powerful real-time spectrum analyzer, EasyRTA also features an on-screen measuring tool which can be used for measuring amplitude and frequency in any given point.

Signal generator

EasyRTA can generate various signal types, such as: Sine, Triangle, Sawtooth, Square, Impulse, White Noise and Pink Noise, with frequencies from 1 Hz up to 384 kHz (Sound card dependent) and amplitudes in four 10 dBu steps (-30, -20, -10 and 0 dBu).


EasyRTA supports sample rates from 48 kilosamples per second up to 384 kilosamples per second. Sample rate menu items are automatically populated depending on audio card capabilities. Possible options are 48 kS/s, 96 kS/s, 192 kS/s and 384 kS/s.

File management

You can easily save all your measurements and review them at any time. You can either load the saved file in EasyRTA for optimized viewing or you can view the file in any supported external application, like Excel.

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For Windows 7/8/10.


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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